Welcome to Bathurst Anglican Cathedral


Baptisms are a wonderful celebration and we love having them. The birth of a new life is so special, and we also love to celebrate the new life that God offers us through Jesus.

Baptisms are for people who want to follow Jesus and bring their child up to follow Him too.

Before we conduct a baptism, we want to help people know what it means. The more we understand, the more we can celebrate.

The process for Baptism is as follows:

  1. A minister will meet with both parents (where possible) to discuss the commitments in bringing a child for baptism and answer any questions.
  2. It is important then for the family to come to a regular church service to see what we do. This way you can be relaxed without all the extra entourage and organising of the big day.
  3. We then work out which date works best. Baptisms are held during the 10am Sunday service every 2-3 months.

Please phone Rev. Phil (0411 281 915) or email the cathedral office for any more information.