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Why Christianity?

Christianity is about good news.

In some ways this has become complicated over the years by a cultural understanding of “being good” or “caring for others” and they don’t make us right with God. You don’t have to be Christian to have good values or care for others.

Christianity is about Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection.

He is good news because He is the one who enables us to be in right relationship with God. He does this by taking our guilt for ignoring God in the way we live. This is what the cross was all about. Because He had no guilt of His own to pay for, He is able to take ours. We know that this is all true because He came back from the dead.

The best thing you can do is get a copy of one of the historical accounts of Jesus’ life – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. We would love to be able to give you a copy of these or a whole Bible. Please contact us if you’d like one.

This clip puts it well:

Jesus makes sense of life and living with Him as King brings “life to the full”. Here are some examples of the difference Jesus has made: